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Fresh Biltong

Each bag contains approximately 200g of biltong.

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About Biltong

Biltong is a South African dried and cured meat delicacy. Unlike jerky, biltong is not heat treated. It goes through a natural air-drying process. It’s cured with salt, vinegar, and our own-recipe spices.

Various types of meat can be used, although we only use 100% premium quality beef.

Halal and Kosher certified.

Biltong Shelf Life

Unlike beef jerky that is traditionally heat-dried, biltong is naturally air-dried.

Although cured and dried, biltong is still a natural food that contains water and is therefore prone to spoilage.


We like to make our biltong slightly on the wetter side as this makes it softer. The wetter or softer you like your biltong, the higher the probability it could grow mould and the shorter its shelf life becomes.


To keep biltong fresh and prevent mould from happening once your order has arrived, store it in an open bowl where it can air and mix it once it a while. Do not store biltong in a sealed container.


We do not recommend freezing biltong in order to extend its shelf life as meat releases more moisture once it has been defrosted. Should you choose to freeze your biltong, however, be sure to defrost it in the driest possible atmosphere.

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